Parent Support Organization

About the PSO

The Parent Support Organization (PSO) is a community of parents and guardians who work together to support the academic, artistic, social, and financial goals of ChiArts. The PSO seeks to strengthen the school by building ties among ChiArts faculty and staff, families, administration, and students, as well as by establishing a forum for increased communication.

In the spirit of inclusion, ALL parents and guardians of existing ChiArts students are automatic members of the PSO. Though participation is not mandatory, family members are encouraged to be an active part of PSO efforts.

The ChiArts Parent Support Organization (PSO) supports ChiArts by:

  • Hosting and supporting school functions for the purpose of promoting fellowship among families, students, and teachers;
  • Volunteering for a variety of school activities;
  • Planning and managing the execution of ChiArts’ Silent Auction;
  • Promoting brick sales through the Buy-a-Brick campaign; and
  • Serving as advocates for The Chicago High School for the Arts throughout the community.

PSO Meetings

PSO meetings will be held once a quarter during the school year (September – June), with additional activities scheduled throughout.  Meetings are only open to parents and/or guardians of currently enrolled students.

2017-2018 meeting dates will be announced by the start of the school-year. Please check back for updates!

Staying In Touch

All ChiArts parents and guardians are invited to join ChiArts’ PSO Facebook page, “ChiArts Parent Support Organization.” Page content features PSO meeting, event, and fundraising reminders and details, minutes of PSO meetings, discussion posts, requests for volunteers and other needs, as well as recaps of PSO events. Since only parents and guardians of currently enrolled students are permitted to participate in PSO activities, membership must be requested and will be confirmed by a ChiArts administrator. All additional communication is distributed via TeacherEase.

PSO Efforts

In February 2016, the PSO organized ChiArts’ first-ever Silent Auction, “ChiArti Gras.” The event welcomed over 100 guests and significantly increased the PSO’s fundraising efforts. All PSO members are encouraged to join the Silent Auction committee by attending meetings scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016. Please click to learn more about the Silent Auction.

In addition to ChiArts’ Silent Auction, the PSO raises necessary funds for ChiArts’ arts conservatories through the “Buy-a-Brick” campaign. Purchased bricks are installed every fall and are a great tribute to students, arts partners, or teachers. Please click to learn more about this campaign or to buy a brick.

ChiArts maintains a “Wish List” of one-off donation items or services. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist with “Wish List” items and services, which may be found here.

The 2017-2018 PSO Executive Committee

Stephanie Cox-Batson (Noa, Dance, ’19)
Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator
Julia Corcoran Melín (Paloma, Dance ’20)
Social Chair
Carol Deely (Nora, Music ’20)
ChiArti Gras Chair
Dana Berkowitz (Devyn, Theatre ’19)
Communications Chairs
Michele and Peter Doyle (Caelan, Music ’21)
Janette Cortés-Duewel (Adela, VA, ’19)
New Family Connection Chair
Julie Kee (Kiden, Dance ’19)
Parent Representatives to the Board of Directors
Stephanie Cox-Batson (Noa, Dance, ’19)
Dana Berkowitz (Devyn, Theatre ’19)

For any questions or comments regarding the ChiArts’ PSO, please contact Marley Dzis, Development Associate, at or 312-534-9710, ext. 12190.