Your Gift, Your Way

The Chicago High School for the Arts is a tuition-free, donation-dependent public school. No student is admitted or denied based upon financial capacity. However, each school year we must raise approximately $3.5 million to provide our pre-professional arts training programs in Creative Writing, Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

As part of the Parent Support Organization’s initiative “Your Gift, Your Way,” we expect all parents and guardians to volunteer their time to school activities or contribute in a way that is meaningful to them. This can include any of the following:

  • Volunteering
  • Financial contributions (monthly giving, one-time gifts, Kerfuffle! or ChiArti Gras sponsorships)
  • Services (catering, graphic design, printing, photography, sewing/laundry)
  • Connections (restaurants, venues, galleries, arts partners)
  • In-kind donations (snacks, dinner, supplies)

To view the 2017-2018 “Your Gift, Your Way” packet, which includes an outline of ways to give, pledge form, buy-a-brick form, list of donors and volunteers from the 2016-2017 school year, and ChiArti Gras save-the-date, please click here.

More than ever, we need the support of our ChiArts families to help us bridge the gap between our public funding from Chicago Public Schools and the true costs of operating both our college-preparatory academic program and pre-professional arts conservatories. “Your Gift, Your Way” – no matter how large or small – helps create a stronger ChiArts.

Our goal is that 100% of families will participate in “Your Gift, Your Way” this year.

We hope you will consider making a donation to the school to help maintain the high level of academic and arts instruction that ChiArts offers tuition-free to its talented Chicago students.

Please feel free to contact Marlena Dzis, Manager, Annual Fund and Special Event, at 773-534-9710 ext. 12190 or with any questions.

We thank the following parents and guardians for their financial support during the 2016-2017 school year (includes gifts from July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017).

Lori and Hugo Acevedo Anthony Finney** Tiawana Parker
Neila Adams Gerald Wilk and Jennifer Frei Jeffrey Parker
Luzmila Adrianzen Christine Funk Sharon Stokes-Parry and Bruce Parry
Jesse Alonzo John and Mary Funk** Lisa and Will Payovich
David and Christine Antos Chiara Galimberti Maria Perez
Stephanie and Barry Batson Michael Gathman Chester Wilson Jr and Chad Pilkins
Blake and Leslie Batterson Brian and Laurie Gingrich Donna and Reginald Ponder
Lunye Benson Laura Kristek and Steven Godfrey Gayle Starr and Evan Poulos
Deborah Berkman Velicia Goode-Moore Jean and Raul Ramos
Dana and Lyle Berkowitz Leah Gordon Kimberly Reynolds
Naomi Berkowitz** Cynthia Greco Sheila and Rafael Rivera
Laurie and Mark Blair Nora and Gaute Grindheim Esther Rivera
Mahnlaye Boayue Jennifer Haffner Andrea Robinson
Martin Borucki Gwendolyn Harris Kristina Roque
Elizabeth Bradbury Veronica Hernandez Judith Roszak
Jacqueline and Marc Bratland* Thomasyne Hubert Wendy Ryce-Smith
Morena Bresciani Thomas and Amy Hubert Yanitzia Salgado
Gwyndolette and Julian Brown* Stephen Joyce Jose Eguiguren and Aida Sanchez
Diane Brydl Anthony Karwatowicz Aloma Sandoval
Luz E. Borges-Caraballo and Edwin Caraballo Julie and Kevin Kee Orit and Ezra Schwartz
Mayela Carrasco Louise Rasmussen and Julian Kerbis John Holbert and Leslie Schwartz
Sarah Chrystal Gina Lafayette-Wiltz Lisa and Jon Seda
Yvette and Jorge Cisneros Nancy Kenyon and Troy Lair* Leticia Segura
Lorrie Elliott and Marcus Clark Barbra Littleton Laura and Greg Shields
Kristin and Craig Collins Pamela Lucas Zulma Soto
Lilia Perez Lopez and Raul Correa Michael Markham Karianne and Tom Soulsby
Jesse Vazquez and Janette Cortés-Duewel Paulino Martinez Paula and Alan Sprecher
Radovan Sirdich and Maureen Cunningham Michael Edmonds and Maria McDermott Patrick and Maureen Stauffer*
Monika Dabrowski Clare McWilliams Parker* Lisa Simmons and John Street
Kari Dahl Julia Corcoran Melín and Hector Melín-Aldana Charles Swedberg
Mildred O. Able Darby* Melissa Miller Grace Swedberg
Shirley Decorte** Melanie and Lawrence Moorhouse Rev. Marcus and Rev. Robyn Tabb
Dianna De Leon Jerry and Larisa Morrison Kelsey Taylor
Brendan and Carol Deely Ivonne and Hernan Mosquera Joseph Ficht and Erika Teijeiro-Ficht
Richard Dianovsky Isidro Angulo and Marlene Nakamura-Angulo Joe and Margaret Tilson
Gaile and James Dominici Eric Revels and Pamela Narins Karen Walker
Preston Draper Melissa Spring and Greg Neidballa Lawrence Wood and Gwenan Wilbur
Cynthia Echendu Michelle and Andrew Ohlson
Tracy Elmblad Patrick Rita and Teresa Omiotek
Tuesday Few David Leary and Laura Owen*
*alumni parent(s) during the 2016-2017 school year

Please contact Marley Dzis, Manager, Annual Fund and Special Events, at if you do not see your name on the list or if you have an alternate preferred listing.

Stephanie Cox-Batson and Leslie Batterson, featured in the video above, held the Executive Committee positions listed during the 2016-2017 school year.