Academic Meetings

Academic Meeting Policy

8th grade applicants will be granted audition(s) if they meet both of the following academic requirements:
  • 24 percentile or higher on the 7th grade NWEA standardized test scores in both math and reading
  • 92% attendance rate from the 7th grade year
Students with an IEP or 504 Plan must have a 48 total in math and reading, but must meet the attendance requirement.
Once the application opens, if a student does not meet one or both of the academic requirements, the family may request an academic meeting by emailing no later than December 22nd, 2017. Requests for an academic meeting after December 22nd will not be granted.
During the academic meeting, members of the Academic Team will meet with the student and a guardian to review the student’s current grades and attendance in order to determine whether he or she will be permitted to proceed with the audition process. The Academic Team will make this decision based on the individual student’s academic integrity, stamina, determination, dedication, and ability to keep up with the rigorous schedule. Letters of recommendations or other materials, such as updated standardized test scores, are encouraged. The Academic Team’s decision is final, and may not be reviewed again that school semester.
Requests for academic meetings may only be submitted between October 2nd and December 22nd.