Service Learning

What is the Graduation Requirement for Service Learning?

Classes of 2017-2019:
Students must earn 40 Service Learning hours  by the end of their senior year.  Ms. Curta will announce a final due date in the spring semester.  It is recommended that students earn at least 10 service learning hours per year.  Service learning hours can be earned through the following ways:

  • Individually
  • Through an Academic/Art Class
  • Through an Advisory Project

Class of 2020:
2 Classroom-Integrated Projects led by the classroom teacher:

  • 1 project completed during 9th/10th grade course
  • 1 project completed during Government/AP Government

How to Get a Project Approved (Classes of 2017-2019)

If done through a class, the teacher will get your project pre-approved through Ms. Curta.  For individual projects, students must email or make an appointment with Ms. Curta to let her know their idea BEFORE doing it.  Students need to be able to explain:

  • What is the service/cause/higher need being addressed?
  • What is the learning that will take place?



Students will pick up a Service Learning Form to complete and have Ms. Curta sign for pre-approval. If it is a project that will be done over time, a time sheet must be stapled to the from to track all hours.  Both forms are available on the service learning bulletin board outside of 105 or can be printed off online.

Students MUST turn in their forms, complete with all signatures and reflections, by the due date set at the end of each school year in order to earn credit. Credit cannot be earned unless the site supervisor signature is on there.  Credit can only be earned for things done within a school year.

Restricted Areas

Per CPS, students may not earn service-learning credit through the following:

  • Work with for-profit businesses and corporations;
  • Work with religious organizations if the service involves promoting a particular faith;
  • Volunteer work where no academic objective is addressed;
  • Work that is financially reimbursed;
  • Participation in a sports team or other extra-curricular activity unless that group designs a service-learning project
  • Assisting a teacher (i.e. correcting papers, cleaning the classroom)
  • Artistic performances or recitals unless students are involved in creating a project that includes a performance as an outcome of the project
  • Attending a workshop, conference or other educational event unless that training leads directly to a service project.

Resources (for individual projects)

Service Learning Form 2016-2017
Service Learning Time Sheet