Kerfuffle! 2019 was held on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago. This year’s event was filled with incredible performances and a community of supporters for which we are grateful. Thank you to our generous sponsors, guests, faculty, scholar-artists, and volunteers for making the evening spectacular!

As funds raised through Kerfuffle! are integral to continuing our tuition-free arts program, you can still make an event donation in support of our 600 promising diverse artists hailing from all 50 wards of Chicago!



    1. (Noun): A commotion or fuss  
    1. (Trans Verb): To put into disorder or disarray; ruffle or disarrange
  1. (Synonyms): Brouhaha, hoopla, outburst, ruckus

ChiArts’ annual spring benefit and presentation, Kerfuffle!, welcomes supporters, arts partners, and civic leaders to raise funds in support of ChiArts’ conservatory programs. Student artists and performers display their talents throughout the evening through open studios, poetry stations, pop-up performances, and an opening feature on stage.

Funds raised through Kerfuffle! are integral to continuing our tuition-free arts program, which serves over 600 students from all of Chicago’s 50 wards. ChiArts’ arts conservatories are wholly supported by individual, corporate, and foundation donations; therefore, Kerfuffle! remains a vital component of ChiArts’ fundraising efforts. 

More information regarding Kerfuffle! 2020 coming soon. For any questions regarding Kerfuffle! 2019 held on April 11, 2019, please contact Megan Sauve, Development Manager, at: or 773-534-0308.