Our Donors and Sponsors

ChiArts Founders’ Circle

The following Founders’ Circle members have made commitments of $100,000 and above to underwrite the first five graduating classes and provide significant start-up support for ChiArts.

(Cumulative Gifts as of 6.30.16)

$1 Million+

Caerus Foundation, Inc.
Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund
Polk Bros. Foundation
Jim and Kay Mabie
Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust
David Herro and Jay Franke 


The Alphawood Foundation
Best Portion Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
The Negaunee Foundation

Sylvia Neil and Dan Fischel
Susan and Richard** Kiphart
Tom and Mary Owens
The Renaissance Schools Fund
Pam and Russ Strobel
The Donna Van Eekeren Foundation
Helen and Sam Zell


Anonymous (2)
Julie & Roger Baskes
The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
Kay Bucksbaum
Marge** and Lew Collens
Sidney and Sondra Berman Epstein
D&R Fund
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Marshall and Jamee Field
Christina and Ronald Gidwitz Charitable Foundation
Paul and Ellen Gignilliat
Joseph and Madeleine Glossberg
Sandra and Jack Guthman
Joan W. Harris
Walter E. Heller Foundation
Betsy and Arthur Holden

Kovler Family Foundation
Diane vS & Robert M. Levy
John and Martha Mabie
Mary and John F. Manley
Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Family Foundation
William G. McGowan Charitable Fund, Inc.
Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation
Clare Muñana
Penny Pritzker and Brian Traubert
The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Burton X. and Sheli Rosenberg
Sandra & Earl Rusnak, Jr.
Cari & Michael J.  Sacks
Sargent Family Foundation
Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust
Harrison I. and Lois M.  Steans


Donations from July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017

Mastery Circle – ($250,000+)

Caerus Foundation Inc.
Jim and Kay Mabie
The Polk Bros. Foundation*
Helen & Sam Zell

Expertise Circle – ($100,000-249,999)

Crown Family Philanthropies*
Efroymson Family Fund*
David Herro and Jay Franke
The Reva and David Logan Foundation
Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Trust*

Knowledge Circle – ($75,000-99,999)

Immersion Circle ($50,000-74,999)

Best Portion Foundation
Edward and Lucy R. Minor Family Foundation*
The Negaunee Foundation
State Farm Insurance
The Donna Van Eekeren Foundation

Exploration Circle ($25,000-$49,999)

Roger and Barbara Brown
Lew Collens
D & R Fund
Jack and Sandra Guthman*
Mirja and Ted Haffner*
John Hart and Carol Prins
Betsy and Arthur Holden*

Justine Jentes and Daniel Karuna
Mary and John F. Manley
Sylvia Neil and Daniel Fischel*
The Owens Foundation
Poetry Foundation
Pam and Russ Strobel*

Creation Circle ($10,000-$24,999)

Peter and Lucy Ascoli
Sondra Berman Epstein
BMO Harris Bank
Joseph and Madeleine Glossberg
Leah GordonP
Howard L. Gottlieb Foundation
Susan and Richard* Kiphart
Sandra and Earl Rusnak, Jr.*
Sargent Family Foundation
Lisa and Jon SedaP
Earl and Brenda Shapiro Foundation
Eric and Robin Maddix*

Make it Better Foundation
Northern Trust
Sandra and Michael Perlow
The Prentice Family Fund
J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation
The REAM Foundation
Burton X. and Sheli Rosenberg
Richard and Helen Thomas Family Foundation
William Blair & Co.
John and Evonne Yonover
Neal S. Zucker

Discovery Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

Allstate Insurance Company
Stephanie and Barry BatsonP
Marjorie C. Benton*
The Clinton Family Fund
Steven Collens and Caralynn Nowinski
Carol and Brendan DeelyP
Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly
Dan J. Epstein Family Foundation
Gillian Flynn and Brett Nolan
Anne & Bill Goldstein
Marilynn and Ronald Grais
Adam and Denise Hoeflich
Alan and Lisa Jagiello

The Jayaraman Family
Anne L. Kaplan
Judy and John Keller
Kovler Family Foundation
Eric and Liz Lefkofsky
David and Amanda Mabie
The Rhoades Foundation
Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts
John G. Searle Family Trust
John Shea
The Siragusa Foundation
Lisa & Paul Wiggin Charitable Fund
Ronald & Geri Yonover Foundation

* Indicates gift is part of a multi-year pledge
P indicates ChiArts parent

The ChiArts Creative Circle

Members of the Creative Circle giving community contribute annual support to ensure the sustained future of The Chicago High School for the Arts.


Anonymous (4)
Julie and Roger Baskes
Dana and Lyle BerkowitzP
Joo and Stephen Boe
Martin BoruckiP
Eleanor P. Brenner in honor of Carol Prins and John Hart
Mary Frances Budig
Julia Corcoran Melin and Hector Melín-AldanaP
Deloitte LLP
Lois & Steve Eisen
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Norm and Cynthia Goldring
De & Paul Gray
Lori Gray Faversham
IBM International Foundation
The Jessica Fund
Robert Kohl and Clark Pellett
John and Martha Mabie
Robert R. and Gayle T. Meyer Family Fund
Lisa Simmons and John StreetP
Chester Wilson; Jr. and Chad PilkinsP
Susan and Bob Wislow


Blake & Leslie BattersonP
Maria Bechily and Scott Hodes
Prudence R. Beidler Fund
Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation
Between Bites
Susan Bowey
Evette Cardona
Marcus Clark and Lorrie ElliottP
Joan Clifford
Maureen Cunningham and Radovan SirdichP
Lynn B. Donaldson and Cameron S. Avery
Fred L. Drucker & Rhoda Sweeney
MB Financial Bank
Peter Ellis
Margery and Rich Feitler
Fifth Third Bank
Carol Friedman and Lee Tockman
Cathy and Rob Funderburg
Charles Gardner
Timothy and Ann Garvey
Francia Harrington and Vern Broders
Vicki and Bill Hood
Thomas and Amy HubertP
Paul and Mary Ann Judy
Christie Keenan
Dr. Kwang-Wu Kim
Rita and Albert Lacher
Lichtenstein and J. Rokacz
Doug Mabie
Albert & Anne Mansfield Foundation
Rocco and Roxanne Martino
Terry Mazany
Bethany McLean
Zarin and Carmin Mehta
Gary Metzner and Scott Johnson

David Mosena
Meryl Lyn and Chuck Moss
Cynthia Mufarreh
Lydia and Thomas Murray
Pamela Narins and Eric RevelsP
Melissa and Greg NeidballaP
José Ochoa and Sara Youngblood-Ochoa
Digital Benefit Advisors
Lynn and Mel Pearl
Puerto Rican Cultural Center
Lou Raizin
Desiree Rogers
Carol Rosofsky
The Rydholm Family
John and Alice Sabl
Cari and Michael J. Sacks
Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill
Allison Scholly & John Summy
Orit and Ezra SchwartzP
Lois Scott and David May
Sophia Shaw
Patricia Shymanski
Harrison and Lois Steans
Charles SwedbergP
Nasrin and Mark Thierer
Joe & Margaret TilsonP
US Bank Foundation
Denis Weil
Lorryane and Steve Weiss
Kimberly Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Woodrow
Herb and Alice Zarov
Karen Zelden and Ralph Senst


Lori and Hugo AcevedoP
Duffie A. Adelson
Jesse and Valencia AlonzoP
Brian Bannon and Zac Cunningham
Gino & Bernadette Battaglia
Al Bennett and Marcia Bennett Turner
Laurie and Mark BlairP
Tina Boyer Brown
Jackie and Marc BratlandP
Suzette Bross
Susanne and Larry Broutman
Warren and Bonita Chapman
Classical Movements
Janette Cortés-Duewel and Jesse VazquezP
David and Darrah Cousino
Patricia O. Cox
Jose EguigurenP
Tracy ElmbladP
Sarah Ford Thompson
Virginia and Peter Foreman
Jennifer Frei and Gerald WilkP
Ruth Ann Gillis and Michael McGinnis
Michael Hernandez
Neal and Sharon Hirsch
Connie and Ed Horner
The Jacobs
Linda Johnson Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke
Jessica Kunii
Peter Landon & Karen Patinkin
Marcie Love
Donald and Christine Luskin
Nandini and Puneet Mansharamani
Spm Architects, Inc. P

Heather McCowen and Paul Botts
Sara and Richard Mesirow
Jo and Arthur Moore
Jerry & Larisa MorrisonP
Marlene Nakamura-AnguloP
Karin Nangreave
Karen Nixon
Sharon Stokes-Parry & Bruce ParryP
Pinot’s Palette
Cynthia Plouché
Donna and Reginald PonderP
Sujatha Purkayastha
Joe Rafson
Jean and Raul RamosP
Doug Regan and Kathy Brock
Richard C. and Margaret V. Romano Charitable Trust
Steve Salzman
Brandi Sandner
Stephen J. Schlegel
Leif Soderberg
Donald and Isabel Stewart
Lisbeth Stiffel
James and Peggy Swartchild
Jacqueline Terrassa
The Superior Street Center for the Arts
Courtney Thompson
Mario and Traci Tricoci
Susan and Robert Underwood
Carl W. Stern and Holly Hayes
Karen WalkerP
Elizabeth B. Yntema
Tita and Gene Zeffren
Michele Zucker


Susan Aurinko
John Bernardi
Jane Birenberg
Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson
Mayela Martinez-CarrascoP
Sarah ChrystalP
Bobbye Cochran and Todd Main
Charles and Nancy Cooper
Barbara S. Cox
Mark Cozzi and James Goeke
Abbey R. Cullen
Jay Dandy and Melissa Webber
Peter DeBruyne
Rick DianovskyP
Michael EdmondsP
Bruce and Patricia ElmbladP
Kathleen and Tim Flannery
Henry and Frances Fogel
Steven Godfrey and Laura KristekP
James Gray
Lawrence Grimm
Nora and Gaute GrindheimP
KL Hathaway Fund
M.J. & Joyce Jiaras

Hervey and Leslie Juris
Sandra Kamin
Emily and Christopher Knight
Rhonda and Barry Ladendorf
Julie Latsko
Kathleen Lynch
Wendy Minor
Melanie and Lawrence MoorhouseP
Nelida Ortiz
Owen-Leary FamilyP
Robert Pearl
Madeleine Plonkser
Christine and Michael Pope
Kimberly ReynoldsP
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rickett
Mr. & Mrs. RiveraP
Wendy Ryce-SmithP
Paula and Alan SprecherP
Paul Strabbing
Allen and Lynn Turner
Alia Walston
Jessica and Craig Welton
Tracy and David Zirin


Nick Aldridge
Barbara Alexander
Amazon Smile Foundation
Alison Anastasio
Donna Barrows
Lunye BensonP
Robin & Steve Berger
Birkdesign Inc.
Mahnlaye BoayueP
Lucinda Boyce
Elena BianchiP
Jill Britton & Henry Borczyk
Vicki L Byas
Timothy Carragher
Christopher Chantson
Tom Clippert
Malika Coletta
Kristin CollinsP
Raul Correa and Lilia Perez LopezP
Claire Cullen
Monika DabrowskiP
Grace Dodier and William Green
Gaile DominiciP
Preston DraperP
Mark and Kate Durst
Marley Dzis
Rick Eddington
Anthony FinneyP
Elizabeth Florez
Friedman Family Foundation
John and Mary FunkP
Christine Funk and Kari DahlP
Michael GathmanP
Bettina Getz and William Judge
Brian and Laurie GingrichP
Lance Friedmann and Sari Gluckin
Athena Golianis
Velicia Goode-MooreP
Bill Gruenberg
Lisa Hadesman
Jennifer HaffnerP
Hill and Cheryl W. Hammock
Esther Hardy
Gwendolyn HarrisP
Gary & Meme Hopmayer
Thomasyne HubertP
Dwayne Jackson
The Jaquith Family Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Scott and Amy L. Johnson

Jason Kalajainen
Shira Kapplin
Brooks Kelley
Jim Konsbruck
Kathleen S Kovarik
Laurie Lawton/Jacob Berlinski
Kass & Mike Lazerow
Barbara Levoy
Molly and Seth Limmer
Tsegaye A. Lobban Kleszczewski
Daniel and Carol Locke
Kristina Lowenstein
Melanie Madigan and Erik Nordby
Paulino MartinezP
Kevin and Jennifer Mcgowan
Gail and Judy Melick
Miller FamilyP
Judy Miller
Michelle and Andrew OhlsonP
Erin and Tony Olszewski
Teresa Omiotek and Patrick RitaP
Optiver US LLC
Tiawana ParkerP
Jeff ParkerP
Lisa and Will PayovichP
Denis & Martha Pierce
Jill Plesha Spacucello
Joe Popa and Hope Morrow
Nick J. Popa
Sheila and Rafael RiveraP
Jay B. Ross
Judith RoszakP
Jenny and Tom Rowland
Dan and Julie Schmidt
Leslie Schwartz and John HolbertP
Leticia SeguraP
Rachel and Neal Seltzer
Chris Smith
Karianne and Tom SoulsbyP
The Stauffer FamilyP
Carol Stein
Erika Teijeiro-Ficht and Joseph FichtP
John Walker
Allan Wendt
Parker Whiteway
Gwenan Wilbur & Lawrence WoodP
Rebecca Korach Woan
Lawrence WoodP

P indicates ChiArts parent