Graduation 2020

Seniors 2020 End of the year information

Event: ChiArts Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation!
Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Facebook and YouTube streaming! Link will be sent out the day of the ceremony, and we would love you to forward that link to everyone you know!

Virtual Graduation will follow the same format as our usual graduation. We’ll have special guests, each student will be recognized and celebrated by conservatory, along with speeches and celebrating. We know you won’t want to miss it!

Update 6/19/2020: End of the Year!

1) Virtual Graduation: Thanks to everyone who submitted videos, pictures or who came by to do their walk earlier this week. We are organizing all the pictures and videos and putting together our official Virtual Graduation Broadcast event. We’ll show this on Thursday, June 25 at 7 pm on YouTube and Facebook. We’ll send out the link to all parents and students so that you can share with family and friends near and far. 

2) Diplomas will be sent out the week of June 22 along with the official graduation program. We’ll be sending them to the addresses you provided on the senior exit survey. Remember, your proof of graduation is on your Transcript, which you can access now. See Item #3.

3) Transcripts. You’ll get a reminder with your diploma, but you can access your transcript anytime by going to and creating an account. This is exclusively for alumni, so if several years down the road you need a HS transcript, you can just come there. There’s also a link on the alumni section of the ChiArts Website. We also finished sending them to all your colleges on June 9, 2020.

4) Dr. McCowen will be uploading your non-ChiArts email addresses to Naviance for all communications going forward. You have SIX MONTHS to move everything off your email and drive. We’ll send reminders, but your best practice is to devote some time now toward moving everything you need off there before you forget. Every year we have to tell a sad alumni that they missed the deadline and their stuff is gone. 

5) If you were not able to pick up your items from your locker, please reach out to Ms. Cullen or Mr. Baxter and they can help you schedule a time to come by.

***Note: Colleges will send you many many many reminders about your Final transcript, even if you have already had them sent. Please check with the college no earlier than June 18 before emailing Dr. McCowen. 99% of the time, the college already has the transcript***