ChiArts Creative Writing’s Zine Installation

ChiArts Creative Writing conservatory is expanding its reach through community collaborations. Second-year students are working on projects such as photo essays and redesigning album covers this semester. David R. Nelson, a working artist and alumni parent, has generously provided installation space in his art studio on California Ave. for students to present an incredible zine window installation for public viewing. This semester-long project challenged students to generate writing in new ways and use mediums outside the typical writer’s toolbox to further develop messages in their writing. While the topics range from mental health and slam poetry to the local punk scene and the shortcomings of capitalism, each zine is ultimately about the author’s identity as an artist. Creative Writing Department Head Kenyatta Rogers shares, “Storytelling doesn’t always have to be words. A project like this helps students use another part of their creative mind, letting them show a more personal side.” In addition to creating the zines, the process gave students curation power, insight into the life of a local artist, and networking opportunities.
We highly recommend stopping by the ChiArts Creative Writing Zine Installation at 1100 N. California Ave., up until the end of February.