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Phone: 773-534-9718

The ChiArts Admission Office will be out of the office from December 24th, 2022 to January 8th, 2023. Please look below for frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming January auditions. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective 8th-grade Families:
1. Why haven’t I received a confirmation email for my in-person or virtual audition?
All confirmation emails have been sent out, so if you haven’t received a confirmation email, please first check your spam. If you are still unable to find it, please go to to double check which email you listed on your application. Check the spelling and confirm the email you listed to receive reminders is correct. If you are still unable to find an email, please email us and we will send you an email with the necessary details when we return from break on January 9th, 2023. Please give us 2-3 business days to respond to your email. 

2. Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email after I submitted my virtual audition?

All confirmation emails are sent out manually by the Admissions team, including emails sent confirming we’ve received your virtual audition submission. We will send out confirmation emails for your virtual auditions as soon as we are able when we return to the office. 

3. What should I prepare for my audition? 

If you are unsure of what to prepare for your audition, we recommend choosing one of our recommended monologuessongs, or instrumental arrangements on our website! 
4. How do I prepare for my in-person audition? 
We recommend watching our In-Person Audition Advice videos for a full breakdown from ChiArts staff and students on how to prepare for your upcoming audition! This also gives you a good idea of what to expect when you enter the audition room as well. 

5. How do I prepare my virtual audition?

For all our students auditioning virtually, we have Virtual Audition Advice videos with tips and tricks on recording a successful audition! Please make sure you have your virtual audition submitted by or before 11:59pm on January 14th, 2023. If you would like to submit early, you are welcome and encouraged to do so. 

6. What do I need to prepare for my audition?

Please look below for audition requirements broken down by conservatory. 
7. What link do I submit my virtual audition to? 
The virtual audition submission form is available here. We recommend submitting your audition on a computer since submitting on your phone can often cause technical difficulties when uploading your audition materials. Please submit all audition materials through the form above, we do not recommend sending us your audition materials through email. 
8. I made a mistake on my virtual audition form, how do I go back and change it? 
The audition form is not final until you click submit. If you would like to go back and change any information, you are welcome to do so.

9. How do I submit an audition for multiple conservatories via the virtual audition form? 

If you are submitting for multiple conservatories, you will need to submit the form multiple times. Be aware that each conservatory asks different questions and requires different materials. 

10. GoCPS says my virtual audition is at 12pm on January 14th, what does that mean?

The GoCPS system requires them to put a designated time for an audition reservation, but the 12pm time slot for virtual auditions is arbitrary. There will be no virtual meetings or zoom links sent out for virtual auditions. All virtual auditions must be submitted through the form provided above.