Only students who have submitted a complete application and have met the minimum requirements will be granted an interview for admission to the ChiArts Visual Arts Department. Please visit the application pages for more information.

Students of all abilities may interview for admission into the visual arts program. ChiArts recognizes the need to provide opportunities for students who have had prior instruction in the visual arts and students who have not had prior training, but demonstrate a strong natural ability and a desire to learn.

In order to place students in a beginning or intermediate/advanced interview group, applicants must complete the arts experience section on the admission application that describes any prior artistic training or experience. It is important for students to be thorough and accurate when submitting this information.

Required audition preparation:

  • Students must submit 7-10 pieces of art (no larger than 36“x36” per piece) that represent their artistic interests. All artwork must be created by the student alone and clearly labeled with the student’s name and title of the piece (if titled). Artwork may include, but is not limited to, painting, drawing/sketching, sculpting, photography, and graphic design. No copies or tracings are allowed; in addition, only two pieces may be in the style of anime or manga.
  • In some cases, students may be asked to participate in an additional evaluation. Families will be contacted as needed. No additional preparation is necessary.

Visual Arts: FAQ

Should students who have never taken an art class apply?
Yes, ChiArts encourages students of all levels to apply.

Should students with many years of arts training apply?
Yes, students will be challenged no matter the experience they have had prior to attending ChiArts.

How can students prepare for the visual arts interview?
Backstage Passes will be held this fall to help students prepare for the interview process. Participation in the Backstage Passes is strongly recommended. Registration closes a week before each event.

Will students need to bring art supplies?
No, all materials will be provided.