Computer Education

In this introductory computer and information technology course, students will learn and evaluate the history of computer technology and the impact of information technology on individuals and society. Students will learn usage considerations as it relates to security, safety, privacy and ethics. There are project based learning activities where students will learn how to use computers and related technologies to create documents and presentations; and how to access, manipulate and publish information. Students will acquire valuable business writing, research, data manipulation and personal computer skills using a real world approach to applying Microsoft Office skills with popular applications such as Microsoft Word (word-processing) and Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet). Students will also be introduced to basic web page & Website development.

Integrated Arts

Integrated Fine Arts is a course designed to explore self-expression and collaboration across the fine and performing arts. Students will be able to explore basic techniques of art forms outside their conservatory, as well as to create projects that integrate various art forms and allow them to think more broadly about collaboration, improvisation, and self-expression in the arts. Students will also practice evaluating their work and the works of others using clear and objective language that will aid the revision process. As they seek inspiration for their projects, students will explore the interrelationship of visual art, music, drama, dance, and literature, comparing the development of different art forms over time and the transfer of ideas between different artists.