Only students who have submitted a complete application and have met the minimum requirements will be granted an audition for admission to the ChiArts Dance Department. Please visit the application pages for more information.

Students of all abilities may audition for admission into the dance program. ChiArts recognizes the need to provide opportunities for students who have had high levels of prior dance instruction, as well as students who have had little to no prior training but demonstrate a strong natural ability and a desire to learn.

Prior to being evaluated, applicants must complete the arts experience section on the admission application that describes any prior artistic training or experience. It is important for students to be thorough and accurate when submitting this information. Students will be considered in one of the following groups based on their level of experience:

  • DANCE-ADVANCED (Two or more years of recent formal ballet training)
  • DANCE-INTERMEDIATE (Two or more years of informal or inconsistent training)
  • DANCE-NOVICE (Less than two years of formal ballet training, or little to no formal training in any dance form)

Required audition preparation:

  • Students are required to prepare a one-minute solo in any style of their choice; students must bring music for the solo on CD, MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet. All solos will be timed.
  • For virtual auditions, students are required to submit a video of them performing a one-minute solo in any style of their choice and a video replicating shapes demonstrated in the videos created by staff below. Although students only have to choose one video to replicate, it is strongly encouraged that you record yourself demonstrating both the Ballet and Modern combination.

Ballet Audition Instructional Video

Modern Audition Instructional Video

Advice from the Dance Conservatory on Virtual Video Auditions 

  • In some cases, students may be asked to participate in an additional evaluation. Families will be contacted as necessary. No additional preparation is necessary.

Audition dress requirements:

  • All: No jewelry or baggy clothes. Hair should be pulled back off the face.
  • Dance-Advanced clothing options include: leotard, tights, dance attire, tights or fitted shorts, fitted T-shirts, form-fitting exercise clothes. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, Pointe shoes, or bare feet (no socks). No baggy clothes or jewelry.
  • Dance-Novice clothing options include: Fitted shorts, fitted T-shirts, form-fitting exercise clothes. Jazz shoes or bare feet (no socks). No baggy clothes or jewelry. (Dance wear is optional.)