Audition Requirements

Applications for the 2022-23 school year will close on GoCPS on December 2nd! If you are a prospective 8th-grader, please visit to complete an application. 

2023-2024 applicants – all information on the audition process is below. Please read carefully and access additional, conservatory-specific information using the links provided.

Please read the information below carefully.

  • Auditions are required for ALL students who wish to be considered for admission.
  • Any student who does not submit an audition will not be considered for admission.
  • Students are responsible for preparing the requirements for the program(s) to which they are applying, and submitting them by the audition submission deadline.

Audition results paired with program ranking for incoming first-year students will determine admission results. Students will have the opportunity to audition in-person or virtually this year.

Please find information pertaining to your audition below. Requirements may vary for transfer students – please visit our website here for more information regarding the transfer process and timeline. If you have questions, contact Admissions at 773-534-9718 or

How to Audition In-Person for ChiArts – Advice Videos

How to Audition Virtually for ChiArts – Advice Videos

In-Person Audition Instructions:

Prospective students will have the option to sign up for an in-person or virtual audition through the GoCPS application. If you would like to audition in-person, you will need to register for an audition date via the GoCPS application

Due to the high volume of applications, early audition registration is encouraged. We have a limited number of available audition days, and late registration or rescheduling an audition may not be an option.

It is the student’s responsibility to research and meet all requirements, and present a prepared audition. Auditions are scored using a rubric (samples are listed below), judging performance, presentation, and potential. The audition panel for each discipline includes, but is not limited to, the following: a community arts partner, a ChiArts representative, a ChiArts conservatory Department Head, or a Department Assistant.

Be prepared to present an audition with all requirements for your discipline listed on our website here.

If your child is eligible for an audition and requires an accommodation identified in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that is necessary in order to audition, you must inform ChiArts Admissions staff prior to the audition day. The procedures for this will be communicated once audition invitations are sent.

Remote Audition Instructions:

Students who choose to submit digital auditions must indicate so on the GoCPS application in order to receive the virtual audition application. Please have the application and all audition materials submitted by January 14th, 2023. Be sure to review the audition requirements for the program(s) you apply to, found below.

Audition requirements for:

Creative Writing
Visual Arts

Additional audition resources:

Suggested Songs for Vocal Auditions (MUSIC)
Music for Percussion Auditions (MUSIC)
Suggested Songs for Musical Theatre Auditions (THEATRE)
Sample Monologues for Acting & Musical Theatre Auditions (THEATRE)

Sample audition rubrics (score sheets):

Creative Writing
Music Instrumental (Brass, Guitar, Piano, Strings, Woodwinds)
Music Percussion (Novice)
Music Percussion (Advanced)
Music Voice
Theatre: Acting
Theatre: Musical Theatre
Visual Arts