The Music Conservatory at ChiArts provides students of varying levels of previous musical training with an intensive and comprehensive course of study in instrumental and vocal music, with a concentration on classical and jazz genres. Students study music theory, music history, including non-Western forms, aural skills, music technology, and choir.

Vocal performance majors receive training in vocal techniques, experience in ensembles, keyboard skills, acting, and movement. Instrumental performance majors undertake rigorous study of the technique and repertoire of their instrument through classes and ensembles. All music students also participate in a Professional Development seminar during their senior year in order to reflectively prepare themselves for success in the next steps of their musical journeys.

Students of all abilities and levels of experience may audition for admission into the Music Conservatory. ChiArts recognizes the need to provide opportunities for students who have high levels of musical training, as well as students who have not had training in a formal setting but demonstrate strong natural ability and a desire to learn.

Music Audition Process

Music Scope and Sequence

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