Application | Chicago High School for the Arts


Prospective 2014 freshmen families: Download our Quick Information Sheet!

Students already attending high school who wish to be considered for admission should first check for available transfer openings here. ChiArts is not a selective enrollment high school; you must apply either through our website or through the ChiArts paper application for consideration. 

Students must reside in the city of Chicago to attend ChiArts; out-of-city residents may apply but proof of residency is required by July 1, 2013 for fall entry.

Freshman 2014: the application for freshman 2014 is now CLOSED except for instrumental music majors and the dance waiting list. All applications received after 5:00 pm on December 6 of other majors will not be considered.  Find the steps for admission here.

ChiArts is a college-preparatory school, with rigorous academic and artistic programs. Students may apply to ChiArtsas a freshman if if they have:

  • Attendance: less than 10 unexcused absences in the student's 7th grade year.
  • Test Scores: A minimum stanine score of 5 or higher in both math and reading on the 7th grade Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) or other approved nationally norm-referenced standardized test (e.g., ITBS, SAT10, TERRA NOVA, CAT, etc.).
  • Students with special needs and students in bilingual programs are strongly encouraged to apply. Students with reading and math stanines that total 10 (e.g., reading 3 and mathematics 7; reading 4 and mathematics 6, etc.) are eligible to apply for admission. Contact us if you have questions. 

Transfer applicants must have:

  • GPA: Minimum 2.3 
  • Test Score: Minimum composite score of 15 (9th Grade EXPLORE - 10th Grade PLAN Tests)
  • Credits On-Track: An earned credit sequence in line or close to the academic sequence of ChiArts. ChiArts requires 28 credits to graduate (more than standard CPS schools), so your credits are reviewed and approved by our academic team BEFORE you are granted an audition.  You can review the graduation requirements and check your credits here.
  • Transfer applications are only reviewed if openings in their desired conservatory are available.