Audition Requirements

Applications are now open for students to apply to ChiArts in Round 2 and will remain open throughout the summer on a rolling basis. Please visit to complete an application. Students who are academically eligible will have the chance to add their name to participating conservatory’s waitlists. If student’s did not audition in Round 1, an audition will be required for consideration in Round 2. Audition information will be provided to eligible students within 2-3 business days after completing an application. 

2022-2023 Applicants, all information on the audition process is below. Please read carefully and access additional, conservatory-specific information using the links provided.

Please read information below carefully.

  • Auditions are required for ALL students who wish to be considered for admission.
  • Any student who does not submit an audition will not be considered for admission.
  • Students are responsible for preparing the requirements for the program(s) to which they are applying, and submitting them by the audition submission deadline.

Audition results paired with program ranking for incoming first-year students will determine admission results.

Please find information pertaining to your audition below. Requirements may vary for transfer students. If you have questions, contact Admissions at 773-534-9718 or

Remote Audition Instructions:

Students who choose to submit digital auditions in Round 2 must have all materials in by August 5th, 2022. Be sure to review the audition requirements for the program(s) you apply to, found below. 

Audition requirements for:

Creative Writing
Visual Arts

Audition guides for:

Creative Writing
Visual Arts

Additional audition resources:

ChiArts Audition Handbook
Suggested Songs for Vocalists (MUSIC)
Music for Percussion Auditions (MUSIC)
Acting Course Descriptions (THEATRE)
Musical Theatre Course Descriptions (THEATRE)
Sample Monologues (THEATRE)

(For Transfers)

Incoming Sophomore Percussion Audition (MUSIC)
Incoming Junior Percussion Audition
Incoming Senior Percussion Audition (MUSIC)

Sample audition rubrics (score sheets):

Creative Writing
Music Instrumental (Brass, Guitar, Piano, Strings, Woodwinds)
Music Percussion (Novice)
Music Percussion (Advanced)
Music Voice
Theatre: Acting
Theatre: Musical Theatre
Visual Arts